How Does Your Consignment Work?

Have pieces in your closet that you love but never wear? We would love the opportunity to sell them for you, and it's super simple! Call us to set up an appointment to drop-off. We will go through your items and whatever we accept hits the floor for 90 days. You will get 40% of the profit for anything we price under $100 and 50% for anything we price over $100.

We accept women's clothing, shoes, and accessories by season.* We decide what items we keep based off brand, style, condition, age, and current store need.

Items must be like new, damage free, in current style, and not any older than three years. We do not accept brands like Target, Old Navy, Kohl's, Walmart, JcPenny, etc. 

To see a full list of labels we do not accept, please check out our blog on brands.

Clothing must be freshly clean and on hangers. Loose accessories must come in a bag or box.

*We will be accepting Spring until the end of February which can include light weight long sleeve, short sleeve, pants, and closed toe shoes. In March we will begin accepting Summer which will include sleeveless, short sleeve, shorts, and open toed shoes.


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